Friday, 5 April 2013

Dolls House progress

Hi every one, 
I promised to share my progress of making my dolls house so here we go. 
So far I removed all of the die cut pieces from the sheets and sanded them down. 
I then painted the out side walls with white paint as a primer them coated them in green for the main colour. 
I decided it would probably be best to wall paper the inside before I assembled it. 
I assembled the main structure using my holt melt glue gun. 
I was pleased with it....but green looked horrible so I then paint it with a cream texture paint. 
I'm happy with my progress, I just have to find time to do the out side decor.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog







Flower time

Good evening everyone, 
Today I thought I would have a play at
Making some flowers with different kinds of fabrics.

I think that I prefer the felt one's, my favourite is the red one as I think it looks a lot like a poppy.

Thank you for looking and please leave a comment below.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dolls house day one

l was so excited today when my dolls house arrived. 
Since I was a little girl I have always wanted one. 
I thought I would blog about my journey while I make and decorate my house. I know this will not be done over night but I hope you will enjoy sharing my progress over the coming months.
I have got my table out of my shed and set  it  up in the living room.



Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Under the sea

Last week I got in to a right old sticky mess with some bling, MDF seahorse's and some glossy accents. 
I made these 2 seahorse's for a very special couple for there birthdays.

They were fun to make but took a good few hours. 
Just another crafty idea to get you inspired :)



The past and the present

Mother's Day is a very special time for most of us. Some of us are less fortunate as we have lost out mums. 
At Christmas I always feel very low as my mum spent her last Christmas dinner with me. That was Christmas 2001, she was very ill and didn't enjoy herself. Christmas just gone (2012) I was missing mum terribly so I decided to make a scrapbook page of her. In this picture my mum was 44 years old, it was the year before she was diagnosed with cancer. My mum was always so happy and playful. She was such a loving and tolerant person. My mum was my best friend and I really do miss her so much.