Friday, 5 April 2013

Dolls House progress

Hi every one, 
I promised to share my progress of making my dolls house so here we go. 
So far I removed all of the die cut pieces from the sheets and sanded them down. 
I then painted the out side walls with white paint as a primer them coated them in green for the main colour. 
I decided it would probably be best to wall paper the inside before I assembled it. 
I assembled the main structure using my holt melt glue gun. 
I was pleased with it....but green looked horrible so I then paint it with a cream texture paint. 
I'm happy with my progress, I just have to find time to do the out side decor.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog







Flower time

Good evening everyone, 
Today I thought I would have a play at
Making some flowers with different kinds of fabrics.

I think that I prefer the felt one's, my favourite is the red one as I think it looks a lot like a poppy.

Thank you for looking and please leave a comment below.