Wednesday, 20 July 2011


On the 14th July myself and my very good friend Judy traveled up to Doncaster for the Summer crafting workshop.
We had a fantastic time and made several projects.
Judy who i have know for 3 years got in to card making after receiving her 60th Birthday card from me.
She makes all her own greeting cards and Love's the warm comments she receives.
As you will see i have posted some picture's from Doncaster.

Judy on the right my self on the left just before starting the workshop.

The 2 of us with Nancy Watt

Workshop project No 1

Workshop project No 2

Workshop project No 3

Workshop project No 4

On the day 8 projects were planed but as you see only 4 completed. It was such a great day I'm sure my self and Judy will go again next year.
We meet some wonderful people.

You may all know the Summer crafting event didn't end on the Friday.
On the Saturday we went to spend some money, i must admit some a little more than others.
On the day we met Nigel May for a quick chat and a photo, as you will see below.
I was suffering with a slight head ache but i didn't want to blame the wine.

After many hours spending i ran out of money so it was time to call a taxi.
Taxi was very busy and we had another 40 minuets to spare.
I wondered over to see Stephanie Weightman while she was painting her fabulous roses.
I thought i would show Stephanie my attempt of paining at which point she showed me how to use a 3rd colour on the paint brush. After several minuets of painting and finding time to talk to some other fans, Stephanie continued to paint.
By this time i had to go for my taxi, i tapped Stephanie on the shoulder to say good bye to my surprise she passed me her painting. I was so overwhelmed and grateful i thought i was going to cry.

 Stephanie's painting

Receiving the painting was the perfect end to a wonderful time in Doncaster with my lovely friend Judy.

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  1. What a fantatic post and on such a pretty page. You had a brilliant time on the Saturday too by the sounds of things and what an amazing end to receive that painting from Steph