Thursday, 11 August 2011

My new craft area

Hi all on this wet miserable day,
I thought i would take the opportunity to up date my blog.

A few weeks ago i decided it would be a great idea to change my craft area for the best.
Woke up one morning and took a trip to B&Q to find a nice bit of wood for a craft work bench.
My self and my husband looked around for a while and being on a budget almost gave up as things were rather expensive.
After  a while we came across the kitchen worktops and bingo there it was my new work area £35. While waiting to pay my husband turned to me and said " I hope it fits in the car" Well i made it fit, i wasn't going to leave with out it :)
When we got home i got him straight to work, as with me Rome was built in a day! I like things done right away as i hate waiting.

Picture below was what my craft area use to look like. It wasn't that bad but i found myself having less than a square foot to work in.

Husband hard at work.

Spike (husband) worked so hard making it right for me, but..... i then decided i needed shelves. The following day my craft area had been complete, as you will see below.

Before my shelves


Spike's work was done and i was happy with my new layout.
I would like to say a big thank you to him for being so great.

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  1. What a lotta stuff!! Well done Spike for making such a brilliant area. All looks very neat and ordered - good luck keeping it that way.